Highway History: How the construction of the interstate highway changed Vermont

Within the Landscape Change Program is a subset of over 30,000 photographs taken before, during, and after interstate construction in Vermont (like the one shown below). These images weave a compelling narrative of landscape change brought about by interstate construction. The images show the scale of physical landscape change, the excitement of opening an exit, and the devastation that can come with losing one’s home to make way for the highway.

As part of our outreach efforts, we have crafted the interstate photos into 20 stand-alone informative banner that will appeal to a diverse audience by including facts, quotes, and waving a narrative within each. The banners will be available to exhibit across Vermont this summer (2013). If you’d like to see the banners at a library, museum, rest area, or anywhere else near you, please contact us by emailing avang@uvm.edu.


Quintessential Thetford

It is rare to capture such a perfect re-shot, because so much has changed over Vermont’s long history, even since the 1960s. Working on this project I have re-photographed almost two hundred images taken just before the interstate was constructed. But this is the only image really trapped in time. It does not matter what is happening outside the four edges of the picture frame. Inside that frame, time stands still.