First Day of Fall

It’s officially fall and in Vermont that means it’s fall foliage season! In the database we have lots of beautiful photos from around the state, including this 1975 image of Warden Farms in Barnet, VT.

The farm is still operational and family run, but is now going by the name KWW Farm. More information about the farm can be found here: This farm is part of the Caledonia Farmer’s Market Association, and products from this farm can be found at the St. Johnsbury Farmer’s Market.


Apple Picking in Vermont

Fall is a fabulous time of year. Leaves start to change color, the temperature drops, and apple picking season begins!

In the Landscape Change Program database we have quite a few images of apple orchards from around the state. One of my favorites is this image from Green Mountain Orchards in Putney, VT. Allison Darrow wrote to us in 2005, saying that the man in the photo is her grandfather William Hines Darrow, and that the orchard is still family run!

Be sure to browse the rest of the images in the archive and let us know if you recognize anyone! We’d love to see some new photos of this orchard in the database. If you’d like to upload a photo, just click here and follow the directions.

If you’re looking for an orchard closer to you, the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association has a list of apple orchards throughout the state.


Summer Comes to a Close

This summer I heard stories about family farms being split and houses being lost to make way for the Interstate, but I also heard about Vermonter’s love of this state and their pride in the construction and quality of the Vermont Interstate System. Many people we spoke to fondly reminisced about the days pre-interstate, while others spoke of the freedom of the open road.

While the stories we have heard and recorded this summer have been fascinating, our fieldwork has also resulted in 548 rephotographs and 74 stand alone images of Vermont, all of which were added to the Landscape Change Database. During our travels, we also gave 6 presentations, and formally interviewed over 15 Vermont residents.

We are still gathering data and opinions, so if you would like to contribute to this project please contact me at, or fill out our Interstate Survey.