St. Albans, Sun, and Sweets

Check out this restaurant that is still a restaurant, albeit a different one these days (click the image for more information). A lady at the St. Albans historical society said with a wistful voice, “Oh Brunelle’s!” when she saw the old photo and it made me feel like it must have been a great place chock full of memories for some of the St. Alban’s crowd back in the day. I didn’t check out the chow at the new restaurant but as you can see we did stop by to retake a photograph of the place.

When we found out that it wasn’t just in 1968 that they served frozen goodies next to good ‘ole Brunell’s we decided to partake in an age old Vermont tradition. CREE-MEEs!!! And not just any cree-mee… I had the most divine maple cree-mee ever made with genuine VT maple syrup drizzled all over it in brilliant, rapturous glory.

Let’s hear it for St. Alban’s ‘cause this place knows how to please a sweet tooth like no other.