Mystery Photo: Covered Bridge

Have you seen this bridge?

The Landscape Change Database is full of photos that have been described, keyworded, and located. However, there are some photos – like the one above – that come to us without a lot of information. If you know where this bridge is let us know. If you have a story about it, even better! We love to hear how structures on the landscape have affected Vermonter’s lives.


Dummerston: Bridge Sketch

The town of Dummerston didn’t have many photos that would be easy to locate and retake but the journey to finding them was fun and filled with wildlife!

A cute chipmunk said hello while we re-photographed a covered bridge in West Dummerston. As we ambled down the banks of the West River to get a few shots we found a happy, hopping hoard of little frogs that blended with the rocks. I also saw the biggest, scariest, coolest riparian insect I have ever encountered, content to sit on a large rock in the afternoon sun.

I think my favorite part, though, was re-photographing a sketch of a metal truss bridge. As someone who has tried their hand at art I can appreciate the skill behind such an accurate drawing! If you’d like to learn more about this bridge just click on the photo.