Middlebury: Meals on Wheels Talk

Today we traveled to Middlebury for a Meals on Wheels group. The presentation time and location were coordinated through wonderful staff at the Central Valley Agency on Aging (click on the picture to go to the website). The talk was presented by Katie Briscoe and Ana Vang who are pictured above.

There were a few great questions asked at the end by audience members. One woman in particular wanted to know if on our travels we had considered joining the “251 Club” which challenges you to go to all 251 towns in Vermont and have a picture taken next to something memorable. I checked it out and have to say that I hope I’ll be doing it myself someday! (http://www.vt251.com/)

As a non-native Vermonter who has lived in the state going on seven years I have learned so much more than I could have imagined about Vermont during my travels this summer. It seems there is always something new to see. I keep finding towns, people, and (of course) food that I enjoy immensely!