Have you ever wondered what Vermont was like before the construction of the interstate? A team of UVM students will be in 12 Vermont towns this summer, in order to document change. They will be talking with residents, photographing change, and giving presentations at local libraries.

This project is designed to explore changes catalyzed by interstate construction. How did the interstate affect local businesses? What, if any, type of development did towns experience? How does the interstate affect the daily lives of Vermonters? These are the questions the project seeks to answer over the next few months.

This project was born out of the Landscape Change Program, an archive of over 54,000 described and keyword searchable photos. Within the database is a subset of over 19,000 interstate images taken before, during, and immediately after construction. This collection provided the basis and inspiration for the project.

Over the course of the summer, students will be rephotographing historic images taken in and around the 12 towns in order to document change catalyzed by interstate construction. They will also be speaking with residents about how the Vermont interstate has affected their lives. During the summer of 2013, a mobile exhibit showcasing the results of this project will travel around the state.

If you or someone you know has stories to share about the interstate or interstate-related change please contact Ana Vang at avang@uvm.edu. If you would like to share your feelings but don’t want to be interviewed, please fill out our short online survey.