History of Centennial Woods

During the time I spent on my hillside in Centennial Woods, I had gotten to learn a good amount of the history of the place.

Between 10,000 and 11,000 years ago, these woods bordered the Champlain Sea. The sandy soil can still be found beneath. Large mammals like moose and the American mastodon moved through these lands, followed by the ancestors of the native Abenaki, who settled in Vermont for the millennia following. When European Settlers arrived, they had cleared large swaths of the land’s forests.

The land there was used for Agricultural purposes, providing sustenance to the European settlements. Barbed wire and stone walls from this time can still be seen in some parts of the woods. Around the 1860s, the land was abandoned, and pines had started to grow on this land. It was not until April of 1974, when the area was designated as a UVM Natural Area.

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