Windows Mobile

Here are the applications that I have used (or intend to) with my Treo 700w.

Synthesis SyncML for Calendar Sync’ing

SyncML Client is the tool for sync’ing the Windows Mobile Calendar with Oracle Calendar. I’m using version for PocketPC, now that our Oracle Calendar server has been updated. Note that there are different versions for Windows Mobile, depending on whether you have a touch screen (PocketPC) or not (Smartphone).

See SyncML on Windows Mobile 5 for instructions on configuring this application to work with UVM’s Calendar Server.


Outlook Mobile – IMAP4 mail client

I wrote an article on configuring Outlook Mobile, which is part of Windows Mobile, for use with UVM’s central email service.



IM+ is my mobile instant messaging client. It supports all the major IM services: AIM and ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, and Jabber.



PocketPutty is the Windows Mobile port of the popular SSH2 client.


KeePassPPC – password safe

KeePassPPC is a Windows Mobile version of the KeePass password safe application. I just haven’t worked out a way to sync my password db between my systems and my phone.


Google Maps

This is a very cool mobile app; definitely check our Google Maps for Mobile. It’s also available for PalmOS. (Microsoft now has a Live! analog that I mean to check out at some point, too.)


OneNote Mobile

A useful note-taking tool that is available as part of Onenote 2007, though there are issues with syncing of notes between my Vista laptop and my Treo. Haven’t had a chance to nail that one down, yet.


Screen Capture

I don’t recall how I found this free tool from Ilium Software, but it’s simple and works well. As I went looking for a link to provide, I saw that there are several other nice-looking free applications available.

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