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Funkiness joining workstations to a domain

Scenario: when joining a system to the domain and renaming it, some burp happens, and the local system thinks that it has the original computer name and is joined to the domain. The Domain Controller, OTOH, has the NEW name. Either way, there appears to be a problem with the computer password, too, because many aspects of domain funcitonality aren’t working.
Microsoft’s KB (via Google) yields some options:
How To Use Netdom.exe to Reset Machine Account Passwords;EN-US;q260575
How To Use the Netdom.exe Utility to Rename a Computer
NETDOM Documentation

Trouble joining the domain – RPCPing

I’m trying to join a system to the domain, and I’m getting an error:
The following error occured attempting to join the domain “”
The RPC Server is unavailable
I’ve used a utility in the past called rpcping, part of the server resource kit. I technical article is available at:;en-us;177446
OK. Things look reasonable.
The other tool I’ve used is portqry.exe:

Offline files and just plain offline.

We’ve been trying to work around a problem with Offline files, where the offline files cache is sync’ed for all users, rather than just the connected user.
I found a thread about it:
which continues on

Student Life migration complete

The Department of Student Life has been migrated off Gemini to Active Directory. There were bumps along the way, and there are a few remaining details to work out.

  • Macintosh assimilation
  • Plan for delegated security groups without a full OU
  • Server-version of their imagerunner 330e

That’s all I can think of at this point.