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Problems with removing or upgrading programs

MSICUU and MSIZAP, two tools for fixing corruption in the Windows installed software database:
Msicuu.exe: Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
This GUI tool, the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility named Msicuu, safely removes Windows Installer-related registry settings from computers in the event of a problem. This tool allows you to select one or more Windows Installer programs from a dialog box and remove registry items that are related to the Windows Installer for the program or programs selected. The tool does not remove the Windows Installer; nor does it remove files of any Windows Installer programs such as Office 2000.

Steps to get perl-ldap/ssl working

I wiped my laptop hard-drive, and I want to re-install the components required to connect to LDAP/Active Directory over SSL.
Current version: ActivePerl v. 5.8.7 (Build 813)
Using PPM, installed perl-ldap 0.33 package from ActiveState’s 5.8 repository.
LDAPS is installed. As I suspected, though, the SSL functionality requires IO-Socket-SSL. No packages are available using the standard repositories.
The UWinnipeg respository does offer a binary package, and has a dependency of Net-SSLeay, which they also offer in a package.
Installed them both, and the start_tls method works like a charm.

MS Port Reporter utility
This article discusses the Port Reporter tool. The Port Reporter tool runs as a service on computers that are running Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. The tool logs TCP and UDP port activity. This article contains information about how to obtain and install the tool. When you install the tool, the Setup program creates the appropriate registry entries and installs the Port Reporter service.
This article also contains information about how to use start parameters to configure the Port Reporter service and information about the Port Reporter log files that are generated by the Port Reporter service.