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Finding and installing software on Debian systems

“Debian has more or less all of the free software in the known world,”
claims Edd Dumbill. He’s pretty much right. Now the trick is just
installing it on your Debian or Debian-like system. Fortunately, Edd’s as
good at explaining things as he is about identifying them. His
“Installing Software on Debian” shows how to use aptitude and apt-get not
only to add the software packages you want but how to find and identify
the software you need: [ via ]

Perl one-liner

Needing to rename a bunch of files on a win32 system, I thought I’d try to bang together a perl one-liner. Two challenges:

  1. you can’t use a double-quote character on the command-line, because the eval-ed text is delimited with double quotes, and
  2. I had to include a double-quote character in the executed command because the filenames contained spaces.

My creation:

C:\Temp\test>dir /b | perl -ne "$q=chr(34); chomp; $on=$_; s/Strip this part //; $cmd=sprintf qq{ren %s %s}, $q.$on.$q,$q.$_.$q; print qx{$cmd};"

And away we go.

xcacls.vbs nuances

I needed to restore adminsitrator access to some folders where the ACLs had been modified to remove admin access. Using the GUI, this is a three-step dance: (1) take ownership of the files and folders, (2) re-enable inheritance and create appropriate ACEs, and (3) restore ownership.
I was tryuing to accomplish this with the xcacls.vbs script, but having trouble. I finally found out that I have to take ownership AND grant the administrator permission in the same operation. Thusly…
xcacls.vbs H:\home\gcd /G BUILTIN\Administrators:F /S /F /T /O BUILTIN\Administrators
followed by another pass to enable inheritance and restore ownership. Note that the inheritable ACLs need to be correct, so there might be an intervening ACL edit granting additional access.
if necessary: xcacls.vbs H:\home\gcd /E /G CAMPUS\gcd:F
xcacls.vbs H:\home\gcd /I ENABLE /S /F /T /O CAMPUS\gcd
And that accomplishes the same thing. and it’s scriptable. 🙂

Fixing ActiveState Perl docs

Hi Geoffrey,
This is a known issues with Windows Xp SP2 / IE 6 where the docs will not display due to some security settings in IE. To regenerate your docs so that they will display:
– delete the html docs for perl-ldap in C:\Perl\docs\
– run this one-liner:
perl -MActivePerl::DocTools -e ActivePerl::DocTools::UpdateHTML()
Let me know if you have any further questions or comments.
best regards,
Jeff Griffiths
Technical Support Engineer
ActiveState – Dynamic Tools for Dynamic Languages
“Geoffrey Duke” wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I’ve just installed ActivePerl v. 5.8.7 (Build 813). Using PPM, I installed
>> perl-ldap 0.33 package from ActiveState’s 5.8 repository. I then launched
>> the Documentation link, and expanded the Modules list in the ToC frame.
>> There are entried in the ToC for the Net::LDAP modules, but selecting them
>> doesn’t open the document in the main document frame.
>> I can browse the the documentation locally and online, but I thought I’d let
>> you know.
>> –Geoff
>> Geoffrey Duke
>> Technical Services Group, University of Vermont


Found the following:
I’ve installed the following ActiveState perl package to explore connecting to MS SQL Server directly with Perl:

Package 5:
Version: 1.13
Author: Jeff Urlwin (
Abstract: ODBC Driver for DBI
Location: ActiveState Package Repository
1. DBI 1.21
Available Platforms:
1. MSWin32-x86-multi-thread-5.8

This also installed DBI. I’m surprised I hadn’t installed it yet for something else. The html documentation for DBD-ODBC isn’t displaying quite right though. Must look into that.
ActiveState had sent me a note about reseting the html documentation, but I can’t find it now. (sigh!)
Enough for today.