TechEd 2006 Wednesday

(posted on Thurday night, ’cause it was a long day, yesterday)
DBCC: Magic, Myths, and Monsters
This chalk-talk was hosted by Paul Randal, the person who wrote the DBCC utility for analyzing and repairing SQL Server database files. He talked about how the tool works, what checks it runs, the rationale for the sequence of operations it performs, and more.
I have a significant list of SQL Server database topics I need to learn more about! The main point Paul emphasized was “back up your databases, and verify the backups.”
I then started out in a session on monitoring Active Directory, but the presenter was taking folks on a tour of the AD Management Pack and some high-level concepts. So I bailed on that session and went back to the database Technical Learning Center (TLC) to talk with someone about optimizing the schedule of transaction log backups. I had a helpful conversation with a person whose name I didn’t note.
When I found Greg, he was talking with a Microsoft person about IPSec and Server/Domain Isolation.
Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Clinic
Presenters: Omar is a member of the MOM dev. team; Mike Reilly is a Technology Architect in the MS Tech Center in Waltham; Rory is a MOM MVP. This was a great chalk talk session where folks asked questions and presented scenarios that three experts could address. I took several pages of notes of things to look into or places to get more information.
One of the big recommendations I got was to create a sandbox server, and to have client systems with multi-homed agents so that we can make changes in a test environment that has real data coming into it. They also mentioned the community as a good place to get information. (In addition to Microsoft, of course)
End-Point Authentication with Server and Domain Isolation
Presenters included Gene Ferioli, and three other folks, one of whom was implementing Domain Isolation at his University in Brazil. Lots of attendees with lots of questions.
There is a technet site devoted to this topic:
One question that someone raised was about whether IPSec could co-habitate with IPSec-based VPN clients. One presenter mentioned that Cisco has a beta now to allow such co-existance.
Some discussion around Certificate vs. Kerberos vs. pre-shared key authentication methods. Gene said that you can do multiple auth methods. Kiyoshi (sp?) has done cert. based authentication to allow Linux systems to access Isolated servers using IPSecTools.
I stopped by the Higher Education Northeast party and had a good time. Thanks, Matt!
(Mental note: next time, I need to remember to bring business cards to exchange with folks.)

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