TechEd 2006 Thursday

One thing that has been a little annoying is that the scheduled time for session blocks has changed throughout the week. Monday’s first session was 9:00 am. Tuesday and Wednesday started at 8:30 am. Today’s started at 8:00 am. Well, I missed it, but I didn’t find any of the early sessions particularly compelling. So Greg and I compared notes over breakfast.
Windows Hang and Crash analysis
Thank you, Mark Russinovich, for explaining the process. You make it look so easy. We’ll need to verify the crash recovery configuration on our systems to make sure we’re capturing the needed information.
Managing the Asylum: Daily Diaries of a Network Engineer Caught in the Twilight Zone of Academia
Matt Hickey brought several folks from Higher Education instituations to talk about some of their work. One person discussed the roll-out of Active Directory, another talked about using smart-cards to secure their domain-admin accounts, and the third discussed deploying roaming profiles in support of students using computer labs.
I’ve joined the windows-hied listserv.
I found the person from a session on Monday, who used powershell to interact with Active Directory to find out how he had done it. It turns out, he was using the .Net interface, which is available to powershell.
I tried to find a group policy person to get some guidance on a default domain policy issue, but someone had to take my name and question down on parer. We’ll see if anyone follows-up.
Enterprise Malware Solutions
My third Russinovich session. He described aspects of process explorer and autoruns that are useful in removing malware, and described a methodology for removal. Then he got into the details of rootkits, how they work, and how it is increasingly hard to remove them. He went into the windbg tool to examine the live kernel and showed what some othe current rootkits do to subvert native windows functions. Very scary stuff.
Moral: Be careful what you run!
Microsoft Operations Manager 2005: Real World Experiences
Two gys, a Brit, and Rory from the MOM chalk-talk, discussed their experiences with MOM deployments, shared resources and tips, and suggested reading numerous piles of documentation. Some good stuff, but somewhat epetative. They did talk a little bit about customizing MOM and creating your own management packs. There’s a whole session on this, tomorrow, though.

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