TechEd 2006 Tuesday

Fatigue is setting in. I get a dull headache a little before lunch. Snacks and water haven’t helped; I think my brain is getting fried. Oh well.
Windows XP: Building the Perfect Master Image;
Johan Arwidmark
A very pithy discussion of building automated master images using the Business Desktop Deployment kit. Johan was very knowledgable, his demo’s were clear and effective. I have a bunch of notes.
Windows PowerShell: Next Generation Command Line Scripting
Jeffrey Snover
I attended Jeffrey’s presentation on Powershell scripting for admins, so there was considerable overlap. The first session focused more on demos of specific applications of powershell. This one provided info about the architecture of powershell, more about where to find help and how to explore the shell to learn how to work with it. Toward the end, I hollered “WMI” and Jeffrey did a few examples of interactive exploring and querying WMI.
So even with the overlap, this turned out to be a useful session. He also used the term psychotic again, “psychotic, but with a reason.”
Methodology for Upgrading to SQL Server 2005
Victor Isakov
Standing room only; I was in the back and had a hard time seeing around folks’ heads.
The session was very dense. Victor had great information and recommendation. His voice droned and sometimes I had a hard time hearing (again, room full of people). I took only sparse notes because the slide deck is very complete. I had to leave a little early becuase my neck was so stiff.
Advanced Windows Troubleshooting with Sysinternals Filemon and Regmon
David Solomon & Mark Russinovic
Mark and David are a great team. Their style is playful and professional. I took no notes, but just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I sat in the front, hoping to catch some of the smart-guy rays.
crappy picture taken by expensive smartphone
They walked through the filemon and regmon utilities, with numerous examples of real problems that they’ve solved for clients (using log files). Absolutely super stuff. Mark is doing another session on Thursday that I’m going to attend as well.

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