TechEd 2006 – Sunday night

Well, I’ve made it to Boston and my first Microsoft TechEd conference. I must say that I’m impressed witht he logistics. Everything has flowed very smoothly so far.
Last night, I attended the keynote, anchored by Bob Muglia. Being somewhat anxious about being late for things, I got in line a bit early, and got to sit in the front row.
The stage
The screen
The theme was people being the most important part of any organization, and technology as an enabler, not a barrier. There were several speakers who demo’ed new stuff.
Ray Ozzie spoke about the several disruptive tehnology “waves” that have crested and broken and changed the IT landscape forever. He touched on the typical items: microcomputers, networked computers, the web. The next wave will be (drum roll) web services. Microsoft’s strategy is to blend clients with servers with services.
Ray did say “you can smell the disruption in the air,” which I thought was a great line.
Other tidbits:

  1. The various MS security products are being united under the family name Forefront.
  2. Kyril Faenov demonstrated financial forecasting excel application that used MS HPC to perform calculations. Looked kinda cool.
  3. Saw some demos of dynamically adjusting resources allocated to virtual servers; e.g., adding memory to an image on the fly.
  4. someone showed some of the new Expressions tools for creating dynamic web content
  5. there’s some new product in the works, currently called Orion 2007
  6. …my eyes started to glaze over…

The woman who plays Chloe on 24 was appeared several times, apologozing for setting unrealistic expectations among viewers for what we IT folks can deliver. There was a spoof of 24 called 4, where an IT group careens through 4 4-minute tech crises. Kinda goofy. And I think the actress was playing up the ‘dumb blond’ persona for contrast with her character. Since the only TV I watch is what I get from Netflix, I may be missing some big cultural reference, though.
When it ended, we were herded though paths lined with facilities staff to the buses waiting to shuttle us to our hotels. It would be very hard to get lost or left behind.
Which is a good thing, given how tired I was at the end.

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