provisioning users ( and

I’ve modified the script to operating in batch mode, where it accepts an input file of DNs to provision and, optionally but recommended, a logfile to record output to. Usage describes the options

Usage: {options}
-n netid[,netid,...] a comma-separated list of netids ( gcd,pjp,jgm )
-g group_dn a single group distinguished name ( "CN=Dept...")
-b filename a single filename of DNs to provision, one per line
-l logfile a single filename to write output to
-v turn on verbose output

I’ve also written a separate script to create the batch file, given LDIFs of the current People OU and the MyDocsUsers group (specifically, the member attribute vaules), the result filename, and the number of accounts to include. I’ve done two batches of 500 users, each taking about seven minutes. I plan to provision the remainder of unprovisioned accounts today.

Next, I need to modify the automatic provisioning script to reflect the new affiliations that PeopleSoft has introduced.

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