Software Updates via Dell IT Assistant

I downloaded four update packages for the Dell 1850 systems.
Updates I downloaded:

  • BIOS AO4
  • ESM firmware
  • BMC firmware
  • DRAC firmware

I applied the DRAC update to CHWB3,DocImg1, and DocImg2 successfully. I’d really like to apply a BIOS update manually before scheduling it.
Also, I’ve downloaded the Dell PowerEdge Updates CD, which should allow us to apply updates in sets (according to an article from PowerSolutions.)
Filename is 4.5_OM_SUU_A00.iso. It’s in c:\local on monitor, and I copied it to s:\cit\tsg\disk images.
I’ve looked into a tool for mounting a CD image, so I can bypass burning the CD. I’ve now installed the Microsoft Virtual CD tool on monitor, and I’ve mounted the iso.
I’ve added to the Software Repository the PE1850 System Bundle by adding the PE1850-WIN-R85033.XML file. (I seem to recall Greg wishing that he hadn’t imported the whole catalog.)

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