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The New Year

My first visit back to Salmon Hole this year was incredibly beautiful. The first February thaw had just begun and the river was echoing with the melting of the ice around the river bank. Snow is melting, damp tree trunks are rotting, growing mushrooms in the cold. Puddles form around trees where the soil has […]

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Twig Identification

This is the twig of a Basswood tree This is the twig of a Boxelder maple tree This is the twig of a Green ash tree These three twigs are a good representation of the trees that surround this cite on the bank of Salmon Hole on the Winooski river. This is a sketch of […]

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A February Thaw

Today, on February 4, 2019, I visited my Salmon Hole Phenology place for the first time since December. This was the warmest day we have seen in weeks, reaching temperatures of high 40’s, and the wildlife certainly seemed to be enjoying it! All throughout my spot were these large galloper’s tracks which I have inferred […]

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Beavers are Near…

Salmon Hole is known to be highly populated with beavers and my last visit confirmed this for me! As I traveled a little further down the river from my phenology spot, I noticed the beginning of a dam being formed by the waters edge. Drift wood was floating away from the structure which made me […]

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Land-use History

Since the beginning of this journey I have noticed many difference aspects of the landscape that show human use both presently and historically. Back in October I noticed a large amount of bricks scattered on the ground and some built into a fire pit; there were freshly burnt sticks inside, indicating that someone had been […]

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Red-Bellied Friend

IMG_4480 2 Finally a Red-Bellied Woodpecker is sighted! For months I have been observing the signs of small woodpeckers and Pileated woodpeckers in the area, and today I finally saw one. He is actively searching for bugs in the snag he perches on in the video. Such a fascinating adaptation that woodpeckers have a long […]

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Winter is Coming

Winter can feel bitter sweet at times. My favorite mushroom has been weighed down by the snow and froze clean off the trunk it was previously attached to. Magnificent to see such a beautiful mushroom through each season and watch as its life on the tree comes to an end.

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Three Seasons

 October 18, 2018  November 11, 2018December 4, 2018

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Animal Tracking

Animal Tracks! This was an exciting visit. Snow has just freshly fallen, leaving a thin blanket over the frozen dirt. These are perfect tracking conditions and I was lucky enough to come across these tiny foot prints.   Using my animal tracking guide I came to the conclusion that these were either the prints of […]

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Melting Snow

Water levels are wildly high today! It seems that the abundance of snow we have gotten this November is melting into the river and rising its level to incredible heights. The rapids are especially aggressive today.

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