Borers and moths, plus a little on orchard diseases

By Terence Bradshaw June 26, 2017 There’s pretty much no question that apple scab ascospore release is done now, and only lesions from that primary scab season that became established in the trees can continue to spread the disease. There is a bit of scab out there; if you have any, then keep covered with […]

Orchard management- June 18, 2017

By Terence Bradshaw June 18, 2017 I am doing some last minute preparations for my summer cold-climate viticulture course which starts this week (and still has a few slots if you’re interested), so this will be relatively brief. Codling moth (CM) should be tended to in most orchards in the warmer valleys this week if […]

Codling moth and other pest management in apples

By Terence Bradshaw Codling moth (CM) management is just around the corner in many Vermont orchards. This is an increasing pest in the state- many orchards never had a problem until recently, and some still don’t. Adults begin flying around bloom, and our monitoring program is designed to catch the first flight to tie later […]

Orchard management at fruit set

By Terence Bradshaw By now virtually all orchards, including those in cooler regions, are at petal fall with only straggling bloom around on later cultivars. The cool weather has shut down concerns for continued blossom infections of fire blight. If infection did occur in your orchard during the May 18-20 warm spell (wouldn’t we love […]

Petal fall apple recommendations for Vermont orchards

By Terence Bradshaw Below are some notes I’ve taken, including my own thoughts and observations, from today’s Champlain Valley Petal Fall meeting hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension. Thanks to Extension Associate Anna Wallis, plant pathologist Dr. Srdjan Acimovic, entomologist Peter Jentsch, plant physioloigist Dr. Poliana Francescatto, and consultant Jim Eaves for contributing to these observations […]

Important clarification- 5/23 New York Petal Fall meeting, no tour

By Terence Bradshaw Sorry folks, I’ve advertised a tour that doesn’t exist. The Tuesday, May 23rd petal fall meeting will be held at 3:00 at Rulf’s Orchard in Peru, NY. There is no pre-meeting tour. 3PM: Thinning Meeting, Rulfs Orchard, 531 Bear Swamp Rd, Peru Cornell Fruit Program Champlain Valley Petal Fall Meeting Tuesday May […]

Petal fall pre-discussion

By Terence Bradshaw May 21, 2017 Most Champlain, Connecticut, and Taconic valley orchards are at petal fall or quickly approaching it, which means the management needs will ramp up quickly- insect and disease management; nutrient application, mowing/herbicide/cultivation; and, of course, thinning. I’ll be wrapping my head around thinning options in the next few days, but […]

Trauma blight

By Terence Bradshaw May 19, 2017 An short, extremely intense line of thunderstorms passed through the state last night, accompanied with damaging high winds and, in some cases, hail. I was cutting trees out of our road soon after to make it passable, a neighbor lost 24 around his relatively small yard, many uprooted. That […]

Cornell Champlain Valley Thinning Meeting Next Tuesday 5/23

By Terence Bradshaw It’s hot today, it doesn’t take an expert to tell you that. Bees should be moving; orchards all over the state including in the inland, cooler regions are at least in king bloom. Hopefully you got a fire blight spray on if you’re at all concerned about that disease in your orchard. […]

Fire blight risk for Thursday and Friday of this week

By Terence Bradshaw May 16, 2017 Okay, we’ve been hinting around about it for weeks, and the risk for fire blight will be upon us later this week. Warm weather today, and hot weather Wednesday and Thursday will allow for substantial increase in populations of E. amylovera, the bacteria that causes fire blight. Once that […]