Fire blight pt II

By Terence Bradshaw Sometimes you need to check the latest weather before hitting ‘send’… After I just sent that last missive, I double-checked conditions in western Vermont, specifically Shoreham and Bennington, and the weather prediction is indeed for warmer weather than when I last looked. NEWA is now calling for “Infection” on Monday for those […]

Apple scab, what would we do without you?

By Terence Bradshaw Here’s a quick note to remind everyone that we’re in the middle of an extended wetting and apple scab infection period that is likely to peak on Monday. Every orchard in the state still has mature ascospores in the leaf litter from last year, so stay protected. We’re also still in rust […]

Apple scab infection period now… (May 13)

By Terence Bradshaw This is a very brief message to Vermont apple growers that we are in a dry and relatively windless slot between significant wetting events and it would be wise to make sure that your fungicide coverage is maintained. I wouldn’t worry about insects now, unless you are treating for scale, but a […]

REGISTRATION for May 16 Apple Scouting/IPM meeting

By Terence Bradshaw The UVM Fruit Program will host a hands-on program on apple orchard Integrated Pest Management and scouting on May 16, 2019. The program will run 1:00 – 4:00 PM. In the event of rain, we will hold the meeting on May 17. We will contact attendees the day before if we need […]

Pest management in orchards this week, May 5

By Terence Bradshaw First note, please remember that we will be hosting an Orchard Scouting Field Workshop at the UVM HREC on May 16, 1-4 PM to help growers with implementing scouting programs and to discuss upcoming management strategies. I’ll have a registration link ready later this week. The event will be free, but I’m […]

Apple scab management this week

By Terence Bradshaw Well, so much for spring. Things sure cooled down this week, with apple trees pretty much parked between green tip and half-inch green bud stage, with a little more advancement in southern parts of the state. The primary scab ascospores that drive the whole disease cycle for the year and overwinter on […]

Scouting workshop May 16; apple season is well underway

By Terence Bradshaw At the UVM Horticulture Research and Education Center (HREC), we hit the green tip bud stage on McIntosh today. This means that, even for orchards with relatively low apple scab inoculum that carried over from last year, disease management should commence any time. Today would have been a great time to put […]

2019 New England Tree Fruit Management Guide available!

By Terence Bradshaw For as long as I’ve been in this fruit business with UVM (1995-present) and well before, the cooperating Extension fruit programs of the New England Universities have collaborated on a management guide for commercial tree fruit growers. That guide has taken numerous forms, but in 2017, we switched a on online-only platform […]

Green tip on apples expected as early as this week

By Terence Bradshaw After a long, drawn-out winter like those from the ‘good old days’, it’s hard to believe that spring often happens pretty quickly. By that I mean that we’ll shift from winter activities when the sleeping trees provide us plenty of time and bandwidth to tend to certain tasks, but when the buds […]

Slightly late, but the return of the UMASS March Message

By Terence Bradshaw The late Dr. Ron Prokopy at UMASS was instrumental in pulling together the “March Message”, an pre-season update on IPM and other topics for tree fruit growers. Dr. Jaime Pinero, the ‘new’ UMASS Extension Entomologist, has revived this valuable tool, which I have attached here. Key take-homes: · Orchard sanitation this spring […]