Cooling off orchard activities

By Terence Bradshaw Now that we have a respite from the heat wave, I imagine growers are thinking about what needs to be managed in Vermont orchards. As a rule, there aren’t any across-the-state IPM issues that I expect every grower will be facing. In warmer areas, it’s still a decent time to apply a […]

Spraying and hot weather

By Terence Bradshaw This is just a quick note to urge caution for anyone planning to spray grapes or apples ahead of the upcoming hot spell which is expected to start tomorrow. Meteorologists are calling already saying that this may be the most intense heat event seen in Vermont in recent history, particularly in terms […]

UVM Farming Practices Panel, Tues June 26

By Terence Bradshaw Panel on Farming Practices Tuesday June 26, 6-8 PM Sugar Maple Ballroom, 4th floor Davis Center, University of Vermont Dissecting Competing Philosophies in Vermont Agriculture Organic – Maddie Kempner, NOFA-VT Conventional – Dr. Terence Bradshaw, UVM Plant and Soil Science Regenerative Agriculture – Corie Pierce, Bread & Butter Farm Permaculture – Keith […]

Orchard IPM, June 24

By Terence Bradshaw Things are a bit quiet in the orchards right now. Primary scab season is done, and there is little of it in commercial orchards where dry conditions and easy spray windows have allowed for decent disease management conditions. Fire blight- a minor annoyance in some orchards and absent in most, but keep […]

Early summer orchard considerations

By Terence Bradshaw I’m not sure if everyone reads all the way to the bottom of my postings, or if things are going fine in Vermont orchards. If you recall, I was away working with apple growers and aspiring cider makers in Lebanon May 26-June 10, and was mostly unreachable. That I heard very little […]

Fire blight risk on Friday

By Terence Bradshaw This is just a quick word of warning that the heat, peaking on Friday, will allow for buildup of the fire blight bacteria to infective levels in orchards where the pathogen is present. While most or many apples and especially pears are past petal fall, any that are still in bloom should […]

Apple management week of May 20

By Terence Bradshaw While it’s beautiful out now on Sunday evening, we certainly saw a significant apple scab infection period over the past 24-36 hours in every orchard across the state. If you weren’t protected with good coverage of a full-rate protectant fungicide going into this, then you’d best cover up ASAP. A material with […]

Apple scab and fire blight management

By Terence Bradshaw Apple scab- this one is simple, we likely have an infection period coming on Saturday that will likely release another quarter or so of the season’s entire ascospore load. Every orchard needs to be covered for this event. Overnight tonight through Saturday morning looks like good spray weather. This is a good […]

Apple scab infection period

By Terence Bradshaw Okay, today was wet. Without question this was a substantial apple scab infection period. Fire blight- I’m still on the fence an lean towards ‘not a problem’ unless you had a substantial amount last year and have susceptible cultivars. NEWA estimates across the state suggest that 12-30% of the entire season’s apple […]

Fire blight concerns 5/15/2018

By Terence Bradshaw I’ve had a number of people ask my thoughts on fire blight infection potential with today’s rains. I’ve looked at a couple of models, and generally, they hover around the point of calling or not calling an infection. Let’s look at the conditions required for infection: 1. Bloom. If you’re inland or […]