Winter apple pruning; ‘Click’ pruning

By Terence Bradshaw Happy 2020, everyone. By now, in mid-January, all growers should be thinking about or well-into dormant pruning apple trees. This is the time to get your tree structure adjusted and to open trees up to sunlight and air to improve overall health and production. Below are some resources that may refresh your […]

February 13: VTFGA & UVM Apple Program Annual growers’ meeting

By Terence Bradshaw The agenda and registration for the 124th annual Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association and UVBM Apple Program growers’ meeting is now available. Registration and agenda are at: Electronic registration is not set up at this time, please use the old-fashioned snail mail form in the link or check back shortly. I […]

Reminder: February 13 UVM Apple Program / VTFGA meeting

By Terence Bradshaw As the new year rolls over, I’d like to remind everyone of the 124th annual Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association and UVM Apple Program annual meeting that will we held at the American Legion hall in Middlebury, VT on February 13. There are still a couple of agenda items we’re wrapping up, […]

USDA Value Added Producer Grants Information Sessions

By Terence Bradshaw Hello: The USDA Value Added Producers Grants Program is now open for FY2020. This is a great program available to growers and businesses aimed at helping to scale up or investigate entering the value-added food, fiber, and wood products industries. I have reviewed these grants in the past, and this is an […]

Save the Date, Feb 13: UVM Apple Program / VT Tree Fruit Growers Assn Annual Meeting

By Terence Bradshaw The 124th annual UVM Apple Program / VT Tree Fruit Growers Association annual educational meeting is scheduled for February 13, 2020. It will again be held at the American Legion in Middlebury, VT. We are building a particularly interesting slate of speakers and presentations- stay tuned for that information. Registration will be […]

Preharvest orchard management

By Terence Bradshaw First things first: I’m going off-line later today for a rare, two-week, no-work vacation. Please note that I won’t be responding to emails that come in during that time. Harvest for early apple varieties is just around the corner. That brings in a few management items that should be tended to: 1. […]

Midsummer orchard management

By Terence Bradshaw High summer is here, the time that apple growers can relax (a little), maybe go away for a few days, and just get ready for money to fall off the trees. While that’s a bit of an exaggeration, this has always been one of my favorite times in the apple season, as […]

UVM Horticulture Research & Education Center Research Open House August 6, 2019.

By Terence Bradshaw Since 1952, the UVM Horticulture Research & Education Center has hosted projects that have furthered production of apples, small fruit, vegetables, and ornamental specialty crops in Vermont and the surrounding region Join UVM faculty, staff, and student researchers on August 6 (rain date August 9) as we show off our current research […]

Apple maggot fly traps

By Terence Bradshaw The time has come to hang apple maggot fly (AMF) traps in Vermont orchards. Last year, we saw higher populations state-wide, for which I don’t really have a good explanation. These are some of the easiest pests to manage using an IPM strategy, so there’s really no excuse. The idea is to […]

Petal fall and then some (sometimes quite a bit more)…

By Terence Bradshaw Orchards in the highest elevation and coolest areas are at or just past petal fall, so all the advice I’ve had for other growers applies there as well now. All orchards should have started or, more likely, completed chemical thinning by now. Fabulous thinning weather occurred last week and those who applied […]