Registration for summer 2017 Cold Climate Viticulture course

This viticulture course is an opportunity for new and aspiring growers to receive a comprehensive knowledge base for establishing or maintaining a vineyard for anyone who is seriously considering winegrape production in Vermont or surrounding regions. The course is guaranteed to run based on present enrollment, but won’t be offered again until 2019. Tuesdays and […]

Vineyard management: Diseases and shoot thinning

By Terence Bradshaw The growing season continues to be cool and wet, and grapevines at the UVM Horticulture Research & Education Center are showing about four to five inches of shoot growth. We are beginning to enter a critical time for disease management. Growers should consider applying a protective fungicide soon that has activity against […]

Disease management in Vermont grapes- the season begins

By Terence Bradshaw Grapes are moving fast in Vermont vineyards, with most cultivars in the UVM vineyard at about 2” shoot growth. Shoot thinning now will give best results before the vines waste energy on growth that you won’t keep. We typically aim for 4-6 well-spaced shoots per foot of canopy, selecting for the most […]

Wine grape webinar

Dear Northern Grapes Project Webinar participants: Announcing the May Webinar (last webinar of the season): “Introducing Itasca – Minnesota’s new cold-hardy white wine grape” Matthew Clark John and Jennifer Thull University of Minnesota University of Minnesota Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 12:00 Noon Eastern (11:00 am Central) 7:00 pm Eastern (6:00 pm Central) With Matthew Clark, […]

Buds swelling in local vineyards

By Terence Bradshaw Grapevine buds are showing significant swelling in vineyards both in the Champlain Valley and at my house at near-1500 feet in Washington County, so bud break is right around the corner. However, This extended cool weather expected this week will leave those buds in this swollen state for an extended period, which […]

NEWA models – intermittent downtime

By Terence Bradshaw A note from the folks at NEWA. The lesson here: know your basic apple scab and fire blight pathology- wet weather beyond a couple of hours will cause a scab infection, stay covered with fungicide unless there is a dry forecast; hot weather immediately preceding bloom can cause a fire blight infection […]

Timely registration for summer 2017 Cold Climate Viticulture course

UVM students will be signing up for fall courses this week, and often sign up for summer courses as well at the same time. If you have any interest in taking my summer Cold Climate Viticulture course, signing up sooner rather than later is recommended. This is an ideal ‘crash course’ for anyone who is […]

The growing season looms…

April 3, 2017 By Terence Bradshaw My predecessor and longtime mentor Lorraine Berkett always told me to be ready for the growing season to start any time after April 1. After receiving another eight inches of snow at my house on April 1 this past weekend, I feel safe in saying that we still have […]

NEXT WEEK: March 9 NY-VT Winter Grape School, Lake George, NY

Last reminder: 2017 Northeastern NY and VT Grape School Note: we do not anticipate offering a separate Grape School in Vermont in June, so this is your opportunity to network and catch up on the latest developments in the industry.-TB Please pre-register so we may have accurate headcounts. Come and join Cornell Cooperative Extension […]

Winter chill, bud break, and frost risk, late February, 2017

By Terence Bradshaw February 26, 2017 I am following up on a notice I received from Mary Conklin at UCONN regarding recent warm temperatures in Connecticut and thoughts on bud break in fruit crops. I started to look at this on Friday, Feb 24, but went away to Montreal for the weekend where cooler temperatures […]