16. Oktober 2018: Dienstag

Today’s Activities:

  • Backups:
    • Opened SR12477010 about being unable to log into
      support account since changing email address.
    • FS-Gen3-2 weekend full is terminated by NetWorker upgrade
      of the client code by CFEngine.
    • Tape Vaulting: 40 went and 0 returned.
    • Clones started for the week at 6:55.
    • Tape Clones completed at 8:40 (80.6 GB).
    • Started building Ricky.
      Learned how to update the firmware on Dell hardware.
      Installed RHEL 7.5
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • No updates require human intervention.
    • Stale Group code trips over /dev/null email addresses
      and has trouble.
      Code updated to fix this issue:
      Ignore owners who have /dev/null as email.
  • Footprints:
    • More “nothing found in the logs” interaction on this
      email ingest issue.
    • I am becoming pretty much convinced that it is a configuration
      issue – but I am loathe to suggest that.
    • Roger refused to open the issue with BMC.
      I have.
      Case 00601461.
    • Resolved: The email being used is not the primary email
      address for the account and the “Primary Key Required”
      setting was not correct for this situation.
    • Closed the case with BMC.


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