30. August 2018: Donnerstag

Today’s Activities:

  • Backups:
    • Returned nineteen tapes required for recovers.
    • Gave system admin the commands needed to perform
      the recovers he needs.
    • Getting second set of prices for the WS2016 issue.
    • DISK clones completed at 19:30 (35,270 GB).
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • VPN changes per request.
    • Alumni lifetime-email-forwarding change per request.
    • Three updates require human intervention:
      Found and fixed two.
      Third appears to be a duplication within PS – telling HR.
    • Catalog removed abandoned accounts:
      • Recover 6/23/2017 database
      • Remove ppolicy information (~/dev/remove_ppolicy.pl)
      • Reset test system to 6/23/2017 (modified) db
      • Reactivate deleting abandoned accounts on test system
      • Run an update on test system
      • It failed…
      • Write code to select NetIDs to purge.
      • Determine which accounts exist.
      • Analyze for what was never deleted vs reused
      • 100,360 were deleted.
      • 3,800 have been reused.
      • 96,560 being put back.
      • fix 809 reported audit failures (670 actual issues).
      • All done at 7:35pm.


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