9. Januar 2018: Dienstag

Today’s Activities:

  • Backups:
    • Reclaimed four (4) tapes for the vaults.
    • Added the last four (4) ToBeHeld tapes to the Scratch pool.
    • 09742035: support finally reads the tcpdump — the problem is that
      we have disabled “oldAuth” — as per ESA 2017-123 requirements.
    • NW was released to the FTP download site yesterday,
      The new what’s in this release document has not yet been released
      to the EMC Support site though… left hand/right hand… UGH.
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • Updates that require human intervention – two.
    • Looking at update for portal feed file.
  • Meetings:
    • Backup/DR vendor


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