6. September 2017: Mittwoch

Today’s Activities:

  • Backups:
    • Two new clients defined.
    • Qualstar: RMA50756:
      • SN9 *43b61 1310209179 F02 – SCD 6, reboot, SCD 2
      • ITDT Dump taken (before reboot), sent to Qualstar
      • Tape 120845L4 is stuck in it – did not thread properly
      • Tape will go to Qualstar with drive
      • If 120845L4 is salvageable, it will be returned.
    • Backup POC – documentation mostly.
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • HR lets me know that the issue from Saturday is bad info
      from PeopleSoft. They’re glad I caught that one.


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