9. August 2017: Mittwoch

Today’s Activities:

  • Backups:
    • FSGen3 clones completed yesterday at 16:48 (1d 10h 2m).
    • Reclaimed one (1) tape for the vaults.
    • Fixed daily_raid_smart_check script to stop throwing odd errors.
    • Qualstar: RMA50728:
      *502E2/1310146537 replaced with *3F9FF/1310002865.
    • *3F9FF/1310002865 – reports cooling error (2 hours post install):
      Qualstar asks that the drive be power cycled.
      Will do, once NetWorker finishes the cloning operation using it.
    • POC meeting… do what???
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • RHEL 7.4 screws up more things.
      • iptables running, but not working on tayra.
      • yum erase firewalld-filesystem
      • service iptables restart
      • cfengine is breaking the firewall – how???
      • Because the from= in the account’s .ssh/authorized_keys
        was using a hostname instead of ip address,
        sshd was failing the connection,
        fail2ban saw the repeated failures and blocked the system.
      • fail2ban pacified, from= fixed, all better!


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