26. January 2016: Tuesday


  • Updates: no issues.
  • Accounts: no errors in 135 new accounts.


  • Save Groups:
    • The usual list of failures
    • SB full from weekend continues on.
    • dpm1:
      • Installed new client code (
      • will it work tonight?
  • Clones:
    • Gave up and started them.
  • Projects:
    • Dell NetVault and vRanger:
      • Downloaded documentation from Dell for
        • vRanger 7.2.1
        • NetVault 11.0
        • NetVault SmartDisk 10.0.0
    • NetWorker support renewal – the quote is finally here.


  • Disabled the daily selinux report on problems:  It has stopped actually reporting any problems (a lie, I’m sure) and people are starting to complain about receiving them every day.
  • FP 7399: med.uvm.edu bounce
    • Asked the CoM/IS folk to look at their logs
    • Turns out it is an “old contact record” in med.uvm.edu’s AD GAL
  • XiText printer not printing:
    • Request for help from customer.  Renamed the device (added .uvm.edu to the hostname) and started it up.  Now it works.  Ugh.
  • Farewell J. Greg!


  • Applied 8.1 SP 1 Patch 10.


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