25 November 2014: Tuesday


  • No Issues last night.


  • Biology full from the weekend continues.
  • CoM/IS clones continue to run.
  • Disk clones finished overnight.
  • CoM/IS groups dying off – disk issues (again)?  Restarted four of the groups per request, one of them still died (twice more).
  • Qualstar XLS Drive 1310002930 – Code A, and three (3) short tapes yesterday.  ITDT dump, emailed support, and rebooted drive.  RMA issued.  New drive should arrive tomorrow.
  • Opening issue with EMC – recover & selinux & nfs
  • Opened SR 67457948 (recover-selinux-nfs) with EMC because of the security.selinux extended attribute failing to come back on zoo and the completely bogus error message that the recover command gives (and claims to fail when really having brought back the file).


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