20 November 2014: Thursday


  • Issues:
    • A former student: dance done.
    • A one item match with the wrong last name:  Issue was a difference in the way the name was entered.  Merged and did the rest of the magic to get this account set up.


  • Tape and Disk clones are finished, CoM/IS is chugging along.
  • SR 66904082 – inactivity timeout applying on full AFTD issue: per phone conversation, I attached the five (5) failure emails from the FS-Gen3-* groups to the SR.  EMC is attempting to replicate the situation and see if they can reproduce the problem…


  • I was going to take the snapshot from the production SecurID primary server – but I remembered at the last instant registration.  Doh… I’ll have to muck with that this evening.  Performed the database and log dumps at 7pm.


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