19 November 2014: Wednesday


  • Issues: none.


  • CoM/IS clients all died last night – It is believed that a controller failed (or failed over) and Windows continued to send all traffic to the failed controller – which obviously did not work.  Things have been stabilized (or fixed) and the backup jobs are being restarted slowly.
  • I replaced the failed tape drive from Monday after hours last night.
  • Clones started at 8:45am.


  • Finally downloaded and looked at the FormMail.pl tool that the portal problem submission form was using.  They have their email address variable named “realname” but the tool expects the email address to be in “email” and the person’s name to be in “realname” – and hence the parentheses that get added around the email address.  David has updated the forms to use the correct variable name and things appear to be much better now.


  • Checking documentation – making recipe for snapshot of 6.1 and installation of 8.1


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