18 November 2014: Tuesday


  • Issues: None.
  • Two accounts one person – merged as requested.


  • There were no improperly defined client errors last night.  I think that is a first after a maintenance day.
  • Info sent to Commvault for a price/design.


  • Another myuvm portal help ticket created from an invalid address that blows up Footprints.  Why can’t the footprints code check for mismatched parentheses in the email address and not barf?  Oh… once I “Check Submission” and get the green light – I can then modify it all I want before I actually Submit it, and I do not have the Check it again. Oops!
  • IP Address keyword search issue: BMC is pretty adamant that we should turn off the full text indexing for the entire footprints system.  I am really not comfortable with that recommendation.


  • Finally asking the question about the bulk removal of expired/disabled tokens.  There are no bulk tools (without spending money) – but there are ways to remove the specific tokens we are interested in… through the tokens menu item.


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