12 November 2014: Wednesday


  • No Issues in last night’s update.
  • Another foreign exchange student asks for help as his account was nuked on 11/7.
    • Banner Extract programmer has found the error and is testing a fix.


  • Another DD security release.  Same fix (, but this time to fix seven OpenSSL vulnerabilities.  Just five months from vulnerability announcement to fix release.
  • RAID6 upgrade for 5120 in bujbod1 purchase authorized.
  • Second round of labeling the mass of tapes that returned from the Vault on Monday.
  • Removal of fifty-nine (59) clients that have been gone for so long that there is no data left about them (routine maintenance).
  • Gave up and started clones.
  • Rolled out 8.1sp2.1 on test server – wound up having to rebuild the mhvtl software because it doesn’t work with the current kernel.


  • Working on the Server Error (BMC Issue=327325) – the Luminis form is taking the garbage input from the user and placing it in the From: header of the email message.  FootPrints then falls over dead.


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