19 June 2014: Thursday


  • Issues, yes, we have an issue.  New foreign national employee, but lacking enough info to make a match.  Using name found the match and did the merge.
  • Fixed up a duplicate account issue.


  • Disk clones completed just after midnight this morning.  Tape clones finished on Monday.  CoM/IS clones continue to run (they were started late).
  • NetWorker 8.2 is released.  Updates look like they might help – but nothing is ever certain and I can’t find any real list of bugs that have been fixed, so the danger is that bugs that have been fixed in 8.1.x will reappear in, and I’m really not that interested.  I’ll wait for 8.2.1 (or free time).
  • NetWorker 8.2 is not really released – it is on Directed Availability.  I’ll wait for it to really come out.


  • FootPrints 11.6.02:
    • First bug reports:
      • phone number formatting:  Not a bug, displaying what is in LDAP, no changes allowed
      • selecting CC’s: shows agent netid instead of email address.  That appears to be a display issue and it should work when we allow email.


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