13 June 2014: Friday


  • No issues in last night’s update!  YAY.  (and I dealt with Wednesday’s issues last night while still on vacation).
  • Question:  Are notification emails going out?  Answer: Yes, they are.
  • Work for Account Services on renames.


  • All clones finished for the week!
  • The new filesystem on the NFS servers backed up nicely.
  • No reported failures in the backups.
  • more pieces of the matching grants system blocking access to my office this morning.


  • Footprints:
    • update.pl updated to allow Java 7.
    • Nice… httpd needs to be down, tomcat needs to be running… Eh?
    • Upgrade run, 9:47am to 9:51am … really??? well, it was the test server.
    • Of course, the httpd server now fails with a 500 error – internal server error – premature end of input on script file MRentrancePage.pl.  Oh, that sounds cool…
    • further debugging, and it seems a required MySQL table didn’t get built.  Hmm, that’s not good.
    • So, restored the snapshot from before the attempted upgrade, and upgraded again – much better!


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