10 June 2014: Tuesday


  • No issues in last night’s update.
  • Account rename assistance.
  • Apple GeneratedUID attributes added to a couple of groups.
  • Discovered there are actually people with a phone type of “WORK”… need to code to fix that!


  • 28 tapes had errors in the re-label run (of the 202 that were attempted before the process broke).
  • Something is wrong with 111302L4, 111303L4, 111304L4 – they won’t label (might have its write protection cover closed).
  • No errors in the backup groups last night!  YAY.
  • cloning started.


  • ISSUE=316851:
    • Turns out BMC now requires that people get pre-approved to upgrade their footprints install.  So, they have to approve me and give me a new serial number so I can download the 11.6.02 update and install it.  ARGH!
    • I was sent a link that works to download the full version.  However, it was the 32-bit version.  Second link sent was the 64-bit version.  SnapShot for the win!


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