6 June 2014: Friday


  • No issues in last night’s update.  However, there is a new employee that is missing their employee classification code.  I have reported that to payroll so they can adjust the Job records for this individual.
  • Loaded the uvm_apple.schema to provide the attributes for the MAC server project.  Used it for a project.


  • Two clients decided to fail last night.  Working to figure out why.
    • One hosed itself – and the admin says I should stop trying to back that one up.  Ok.
    • The other – Network Services changed its firewall without talking to anyone. Got that corrected.
  • Compression turned off on the two full-save ZFS AFTD’s from the BUJBOD system.
  • Disk clones finished up today.


  • Footprints:
    • tomcat6 installation … per documentation (mostly)
    • Footprints 11.6 upgrade script requires SUN Java 1.6!
    • Asking BMC how to get around that (Issue: 316851)
  • LDAP Feed:
    • Seeing if a quick hack is possible.


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