4 June 2014: Wednesday


  • Two issues:
    • Wrong entry – another student finally gets an SSN and we discover there are two accounts for this one person.  This is very frustrating.  Merged the four day old student entry into the two year old employee entry and locked the student entry.
    • Former Student – danced.


  • Clones continue to run for Disk and CoM/IS.
  • Ugh.  I didn’t configure the drup-db resource node correctly.  Got that fixed – and now I see that the save set paths I was given were either wrong, or were changed after I was told about them.  Whew. Got it all working.  Now to verify that I did it correctly!  Confirmed – the new definition is correct.


  • Restart the migrate to RHEL6 project… can I actually follow the directions this time???  I actually managed to do it.  I have 9.5.4 running on the new test server.  Tomorrow’s task will be to upgrade to the latest version.


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