16 December 2013: Monday


  • The monthly purge was on Sunday and it failed because a two netids were entered into one of the control files twice.  Doh!  These are accounts that have been there for a long time – so someone manually duplicated their entries (and they were one right after the other in the file!).  Fixed.
  • LDAP Update from 12/13 had two issues:
    • Former student – did the dance.
    • SSN only match, surname mismatch from PeopleSoft – Emailed HR with the info.  They responded in the affirmative.  I merged the entry with the existing LDAP entry and created the NetID required.


  • The weekend disaster continues.  Discovered at 3am that the AFTD on stornode3 was not writing a thing even though it is well below 95% full.  It appears that Networker has gotten itself tangled in the bed sheets and is a right fine mess.
  • Networker believes that there are save sessions writing to two of the four AFTDs that are NFS mounted ZFS systems, so I can’t unmount them and update their NFS parameters.  Unfortunately, Networker is wrong – those saves are no longer running and have not been for quite some time.  That confusion is probably the root of this issue, and sadly, the only solution is to restart networker on ozzie.
  • Restarted Networker on ozzie and all of the storage nodes.  Even rebooted ozzie.  Yet, when I started Networker up, it still couldn’t write to that AFTD.  I wound up having to shut Networker down again, and rebooting stornode3.  Then I renamed the mount point and redefined the AFTD on stornode3 and stornode2 and now I can write to the both of them.  Note, I did not reboot stornode2.


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