11 December 2013: Wednesday


  • Because of the OSP update issues last night, I must modify the update process to deal with it.
    • Turns out the issue was that Net::LDAP will happily toss out mixed case and lower case forms of the attribute name.   So, my little hash needed to have both forms.  A really, really proper fix would probably be to force the attribute variable value to lower case before checking in the hash (and having lower case versions of the names in the hash).
  • Other than the OSP update failure/abend – there were not normal issues with the update last night.


  • The Windows groups had their nightly panic attacks and I will have to do something about that – but my hypothesis right now is loading on the temporary disk subsystem which is too small to hold much longer.
  • Worked with EMC on SR 59521968.
    • He understands the environment better
    • Action Items:
      • Run nsrget (and provide output to him)
      • Update staging.pl to print out contents of SSID file
  • Spoke with EMC sales rep about Data Domain and DDBoost and pricing.


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