9 December 2013: Monday

Theme: Another day, another day


  • Update last Friday night had a former student.  Did the dance.
  • Meeting with OSP.  Direction chosen.  Marching begins.
    • OSP schema updated.
    • ACLs verified to protect the new info.
    • in-mailgw and ldap.uvm.edu servers updated with the new schema.
    • ldaprw was updated with the new schema at 10:30pm.  No problems (Nagios noticed one of the in-mailgw’s had a sync check issue).


  • Last week’s clones finished at 1am this morning.  OUCH.  Started this week’s clones up.
  • Answered the questionnaire about NW 8.1.1 and friends – mostly honestly.
  • Went to poke EMC about SR 59521968, and discovered they had poked me last Thursday.  OUCH!  So, I apologized and poked them back.


  • BMC issue 293502 has been identified that our 9.3 install is too far out of date and I really need to upgrade to 11.6.  Starting doing that.  Need BMC to confirm that RHEL6 (glibc 2.12) is officially supported on Footprints v11.



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