6 December 2013: Friday


  • Work on developing OSP changes uncovered a bug in the production code.  It is possible now (though was not when the code was written) for an SSN to match, but not have the correct objectClass in the LDAP entry.  modEntry has to check for that now.
  • Last night’s update had one issue, a former student. Did the dance.
  • Heard back from OSP; merged the former student info with the OSP info and created the account.


  • The moving of the bits off the troubled ZFS pool onto tape continues.  The 21,156 save sets that started moving yesterday continue.  50 of them have moved.  Yes, this is going to take time.
  • Updated the list of save sets and the matching directive for NFS1 to hopefully have a “more harmonious outcome” with this weekend’s full save of that file server.


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