11 November 2013: Monday

Veteran’s Day


  • One update issue last night (none on Friday and Saturday nights).  A former student appeared.  Searched for; not found; added.


  • As expected, the COM/IS save group for this weekend is still running.
  • Not expected, is that the file server 2 save group is also running, in fact it is only 50% completed.  Searching for what happened to it over the weekend.  Nagios knows of nothing.  Time to ask the folks that were on call.
    • The answer was I “see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing” – as expected 😉
    • Since the backup is pushing 72MB/s (which is not bad for a 1GbE pipe), I shall assume it is just a case of 10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound bag…
  • Moved tape drives from stornode7 to stornode3 – continuing down the hardware replacement path.
    • Rediscovered that if you don’t feel the click of fibre connections, you didn’t hear them click into place even if you think you did.  Man, I hate that kind of trouble shooting!
  • stornode7 disk devices remounted in read-only mode.
  • data from stornode7 disk devices being moved to stornode3’s disk devices.


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