7 November 2013: Thursday

Today’s Theme: WTF?!?!


  • No errors in last night’s update.


  • Two save groups had failures.  Three systems with issues.
    • Two are windows systems with missing files (Reported for repair)
    • One is a system that was either upgraded and NetWorker not installed or was powered off.  It is currently on, but blocking all access attempts.  Turns out that system was rebooted yesterday afternoon and the NetWorker service did not start up correctly.  Had to manually start it up and now all is good.
  • The beginning of the swap from stornode7 to stornode3 seems to have worked.  However, something is trying to mount a tape on stornode3, and there are no tape drives on stornode3.  Of course, NMC is not telling me anything.
    • Ok, it is the staging script on stornode3 that for some strange reason is calling for the tape to be mounted on stornode3.  Since stornode3 is NOT in the list of clone storage nodes for stornode3, this is not logical.  Still, it shows that there is a problem.  That aftd is not supposed to stage into the UVM pool, but rather into the PeopleSoft Tape pool.



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