6 November 2013: Wednesday

Today’s Theme:  Ouch, that hurt.


  • A repeat of yesterday’s update.  A new former student record showed up.  Searched, Created.


  • The first two clone jobs completed overnight.  The third batch is started.
  • VEEAM rep called – not that he was supposed to.
  • Discovered that all the storage nodes are tossing the “kernel: stX: Failed to read 131072 byte block with 32768 byte transfer.” error messages.  Moving ahead with getting all backups going to stornode3 instead of stornode7.  I will let it run tonight, and tomorrow remount the volumes on stornode7 as read-only, then move the tape drives over to stornode3.


  • Teleconference about new versions and new acquisitions.  Basically a meet&greet with the new salesperson.


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