4 November 2013: Monday


  • Two save groups had failures over the weekend.  Both of them were full saves, and the customer in both cases said it didn’t matter.  Now, that causes a lot of question marks to start popping up in my head.
  • Started the weekly clone process.
  • Updated the clone script to be ready for NW 8 and the absence of .RO aftd volumes.
  • Generated the November list of tapes to be re-used.


  • There was one former student update issue over the weekend.  Searched for, not found, added.
  • A Former Student/New Employee duplication is reported by Account Services and repaired.
    • One Kerberos account glitch in the process.  Had to manually resolve the creation of the new account.  The script failed with RC=1.  Over the years, this failure has been determined to mean that it just didn’t work and should be retried.  Added to my TODO list to update the script to retry a number of times before giving up.


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