14 October 2013: Monday


  • No update issues over the weekend.  Sweet!


  • staging.pl script updated to specify the desired and emergency values with gGkKmMtT suffixes instead of me running bc to calculate the number or 1K blocks for 24TB of space… put into production on stornode2 and stornode3.
  • Also, adjusting the space allotted to stornode2’s SATABeast volume as it is holding twice the target number of days, and I don’t want that to impact my targets for the FULLSAVE volumes.
  • That 5TB backup got botched when the resource was blipped from one host to another after running for 48.5 hours (3+ TB worth of wasted work) at about 11:25 last night.  So, it restarted itself at 11:50pm.  UGH.
  • Starting the planning for the upgrade of the server to version 8.x.

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