9 October 2013: Wednesday


  • Update:
    • One SSN missing employee record now has SSN added and brings to light a duplicate account.  Fortunately, it is with a “Former Student” account.  That means I can just merge the Banner info into the existing employee entry and remove the old former student entry (they’ll lose access to the former student part of myuvm for the day).  So, I’ll send them an email that will let them know.
  • selinux:

    • ldap6dev has been running it in permissive mode.  Now need to check out what needs to be updated to let the daily stuff work… maybe nothing…
    • According to the “aureport” tool, there would have been issues with “logrotate” and “cfengine”.  Now to sort out exactly what the issues were…
    • logrotate was rotating the mini-httpd log files, which are in a non-standard log directory.  So, I’ll need to set up an selinux environment (or whatever it is properly called) for mini-httpd as well as our LDAP setup.  I should be able to base it off the apache one.
    • cfengine – I think we’re just going to have to let that one do whatever it wants.


  • New Hardware:
    • Staging scripts kick in on stornode3 and fail because I never added stornode3 to the list of administrative systems.  Oops!  Corrected that first thing.
  • Tape Dance:
    • Updated the relabelem script that I run when bringing tapes back from the vault during this transition period (they were sent to the vault for 7 years and are being brought back after 26 months) – in two years, all tapes should have been through the process once, and they’ll just come back as they expire.  Anyway… the old script asked for each tape whether to relabel it or not – which was very time consuming.  I’ve automated it to do a second mminfo check and compare the result right now (at the moment we’re about to issue the relabel command) with what we got when the script started – and skips the tape if the result is different – which would indicate that the tape is in the process of being labeled.  This does happen for a few, as they came back “Expired” instead of having 58+ months left before they expire.

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