7 October 2013: Monday


  • Updates:
    • Dealing with the update failures from Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights:
      • One problem on Friday, a “Updating Wrong Entry” report.
        • Banner added the SSN to a student entry.  That matched an expired employee entry.  I have merged the stub employee data with the current banner entry and locked the expired employee netid.  Now, we’ll see if they complain or not.
  • Account Rename:
    • Another one that wanted the old account to be the email address.  Must be time for me to make a change to the account rename process to allow that to be set up by Account Services.


  • New Hardware:

    • stornode5 has not completely migrated all data off yet, but there were multiple instances of backups held up because some client got to stornode5 which had no volumes mounted in writable mode.  Therefore, I have removed stornode5 from all defined client lists of storage and clone storage nodes.
    • Next pass at staging all the data off the old UVM SATABeast pool volumes commences.  There are 1,731 save sets to be moved from UVM.SATABeast.001.
  • Old Hardware:
    • stornode1.uvm.edu:
      • Remember that strange crash failure of stornode1 from a couple weeks ago?  Well, this weekend stornode1 failed one of the two drives in the root RAID1 configuration.  The person on call at the time stopped the paging but did nothing else.  The person on call on Sunday, reported the issue to the maintenance company so a disk should be arriving tomorrow that I’ll get to install.
      • As a result of the above hardware failure, I have taken the time this morning to re-write the local raid controller check script (based on what was done for some of the DBA systems) so it can be run by nagios instead of by the local crontab.
    • Data Domain:
      • Oh joy.  EMC has released DD OS and wants everyone to upgrade to that.  Typically they only allow two major releases back to upgrade (that would be 5.2) but for this one instance, they are allowing 5.1 to upgrade as well.  Which is really good because we happen to be running  Guess what I get to do now…  Yup – read the release notes and add the upgrade to this month’s maintenance plan.
  • Monthly Maintenance Plan:
    • This is what is on the current monthly maintenance plan now:
      • Regular OS maintenance installation/reboots
      • IBM SystemX firmware updates
      • Qualstar MEM controller board replacement (x2)
      • Data Domain OS upgrade


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