4 October 2013: Friday


  • Update:
    • Four issues:
      • Three former students flagged – manually added.
      • One Graduate Student Employee – manually matched and merged.


  • New Hardware:
    • stornode2 with the NFS mounted aftd served up by bujbod1 (the OpenIndiana 1.5a8 system with the ZFS external SAS array) went full production last night with tape drives and nobody writing to stornode5 (well, someone tried because there was a time at 1am when there were more than 32 save streams headed for the “UVM SATABeast” media pool).  There were no drips, no runs, and no errors!
    • Today, will mark the beginning of the end for stornode5.  I am staging the data that lives on the two aftds there over to the new stornode2 system (and from there it will be auto-staged to tape as it ages).
  • Save Groups:
    • No failures last night.  Good to see an empty error board again.
    • Shards for the first file server were re-balanced for this weekend’s full saves.
  • NetWorker 8.1:
    • has been released (says released October 7, 2013).  I have downloaded and installed in the test domain.  Will watch it and see how the client behaves with the server…


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