3 October 2013: Thursday


  • Updates:
    • No issues!  YAY!


  • Savegroups:
    • That ETS system that was having trouble… yeah, I finally went and actually read the save group log file and discovered it is yet another windows system with a missing file.  [RANT ON]WTF is wrong with EMC???  In Unix operating systems, they see a file that they think should be there and it disappears, they toss a warning about a missing file and move on.  However, in Windows, they throw an error that the VSS Writer is broken and never mention the file that was missing until you dig deep into the log file that they decided you didn’t need to see.  ARGH!  Please oh Please someone give me the money to replace this stupid software.[RANT OFF]
      • This one I sent to the NetWorker Administrator’s mailing list – based on the response I get there I’ll either open a “this is broken” or a “this should work better” issue with EMC.
      • Opened as “this should work better”.  Was told that “skip missing files” is the default in the 8.1 release.  One more reason to go there.
    • Structured Biology system is still having RAID issues (by the looks of the save group message)
  • New Hardware:
    • There were no issues with the backups last night, so I throw the switch and all of it dumps on the new storage node tonight.
    • Moved the tape drives from stornode5 to the new stornode2.
  • Old Hardware:
    • The Qualstar library reported at 4:44:49 PM yesterday that a door had been opened and closed (both reports in the same second).  Now, the event log reports the same thing.  But, the library was in logical mode and all the doors were locked and no log event shows it being switched to physical mode nor the doors being unlocked – therefore, it is not possible that the door was opened and closed.  Reported to Qualstar – this will be fun (for certain definitions of “fun”).
  • Tape Dancing:
    • Finally finished the re-labeling of the tapes that were brought back from the vault last week.
    • Wore out another cleaning tape today.  That leaves me four in the library, need to check the cabinet and make sure I have more there.


  • Issue 00347161:
    • I was not able to log into the Remote Administration process this morning, so I reset the firewall and restarted the SecurID server.  Then I discovered that the issue was probably my own VMware Fusion Windows 7 guest not having real network connectivity.  Of course, that is a known issue with VMware Fusion and the 802.1 wifi UVM uses… ARGH!
    • Had the Nessus report pulled, and I grabbed the iptables logged packets from the scanner and I’ve sent both to RSA, now we’ll see how long they chew on them before they come back with something – and then we see if it was useful or not.


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